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Narrated in English by a Japanese officer named Kuroki (in the form of a diary he is writing for his wife), the film is set in the Asia-Pacific theater during an unspecified period of World War II. A platoon of 16 Japanese soldiers is stranded on a Pacific island with no means of communicating with the outside world. Lieutenant Kuroki holds his men steady and oversees the construction of a ship for their escape.

During filming on May 10, 1964 in Hawaii, Sinatra was caught in a tidal wave along with Ruth Koch, wife of Howard Koch. Actor Brad Dexter (Sgt. Bleeker) and two surfers were able to rescue Sinatra and Koch, saving their lives.[6] The film was filmed in Hawaii.

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His family was spared the epidemic, but not the devastating effects of the stock market crash of 1929, which wiped out their affluent lives and forced them to move to a remote and wild region of the country. There they would have to start from scratch, far from those they knew.

The novel is a letter that Violeta sends to her grandson Camilo. In it she tells him the story of her life so that he will know her past and keep the memory of those people who left an indelible mark on the woman who has cared for him like a son.

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Violeta, by Isabel Allende, is a novel starring a brave woman who did not shrink from anything or anyone. She played the best she could with the cards she was dealt and reached her maturity surrounded only by the people and things that really meant something to her.

Violeta is inspired by Isabel Allende’s mother. Both were intelligent and beautiful women. The author’s mother, however, never had financial independence; something she has changed in the novel. There are also glimpses of Isabel’s own life in the figure of her protagonist, such as the foundation to help women.

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Of all the possible scenarios in which to set a feature film, a battlefield is probably the best suited to represent both the brightest and the darkest and most deplorable side of the human being. War, in all its lamentable forms, seems to be the perfect excuse and an infallible mechanism to plunge into the depths of the characters’ souls and shake the audience with gunpowder, explosions, death and tragedy.

We only have to make a brief retrospective on the prolific war genre to realize the number of pieces that, balancing the dramatic factor with the -sad- spectacularity inherent to an armed conflict filtered through the vision of a filmmaker, have given rise to masterpieces such as ‘All Quiet on the Front’, ‘Paths of Glory’, ‘Apocalypse Now’ or ‘Platoon’ -to name a few examples-.

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With ’12 Brave’, Jerry Bruckheimer’s factory unsuccessfully postulates to swell the list of memorable war films applying again -and in a decaffeinated way- the formula that made the wild ‘Black Hawk Down’ stand out; taking as a basis an anecdote of the modern American military history and transforming it into a feature film as correct in formal terms as lacking that soul and emotion that this kind of productions require to achieve transcendence among its peers.

Only the brave opiniones
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Remedy seeks to reinvent itself by abandoning its more classic cinematic formulas. Control is its freest game, where exploration and combat go hand in hand with the supernatural, as we explore the secrets of this mysterious agency. Analysis of Control.

In the end, it is easy to stay with the imaginative of its proposal and discard the rest. And this comes represented very well with its side missions, some of which have a great development and branch out. The best ones are the ones that urge us to explore various phenomena and altered artifacts that are completely out of control in the Agency. Imagine the following: a refrigerator that must be constantly watched without looking away for an instant or else it can unleash chaos. Or a mirror that we can pass through and that inverts reality. We never really understand the purpose of these objects, but investigating each of the phenomena, solving the puzzles or situations they propose, has undoubtedly been one of the best premises of Control. Sometimes even better than the main story itself, which simply serves as a guide to go through the Immemorial House in its entirety.

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