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If you need a gift that is sure to impress, there’s nothing like giving your loved one a bottle of perfume. But how do you find the perfect perfume among the many tempting and enchanting options?

From floral to spicy, light and fresh, we researched the best-selling perfumes for women so you don’t have to.  With selections from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Byredo, you’re sure to find your perfect scent below (we also have a list of our favorite colognes for men).

With hints of rum, pink pepper and tobacco, it’s a sensual choice that’s ideal for date night: despite being promoted as a men’s fragrance, Sephora has included it in its women’s section for a reason. As one reviewer writes, “If you’re a woman who loves more ‘spicy’ and ‘exotic’ scents, you need this in your life!”

With hints of orange, patchouli and Turkish rose, the selling point of this scent is not just its refreshing floral version, but rather how long it lasts. “If your goal is to smell and look like a young and trendy Parisian, then this is for you,” writes one reviewer. “It smells amazing and lasts all day. Definitely gives me a confidence boost.”

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What are the notes of a perfume? The notes of a perfume have to do with olfactory characteristics or marks that are recognized in the scent. They can be present from the first moment until the scent disappears, be recognized later or fade after a while. In some cases, they describe their type of scent and in others they are part of a combination in which they have only an ephemeral or almost imperceptible presence.

The notes of a perfume define a fragrance depending on whether they are in the top notes, heart notes or base notes. Here is a description of how they are present in the pyramid:

Michael Edwards used a wheel to group olfactory notes into four families.  He divided this circumference into fresh, floral, oriental and woody perfumes. These base notes are the ones that will last the longest and will mark the character of the scent.

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Perfume notes

Do you know why the most long-lasting women’s perfumes are also the most delicious? This is because their aromatic concentration is intense, therefore, the scent is usually more penetrating and stimulating to the sense of smell.

Whether you want to attract attention, lose yourself in a sense of freshness or unleash all your passionate spirit, when it comes to good fragrances, there is always one that fits perfectly with what you are looking for.

It is inspired by the authenticity and overwhelming presence of the glamorous woman. Wearing this floral fragrance with fruity tones is an undeniable way to attract attention wherever you go. It is perfect for social gatherings and crowded events.

The top notes exhibit soft tones made with orange blossom, peach and mandarin orange blossom. Then, it exalts a heart made of peony, jasmine, lily and iris to say goodbye with a base of musk, woody notes and amber.

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It is inspired by the daring woman and reflects it perfectly in its combination of exotic aromas. It seeks to enhance the natural features of authentic women and awaken your confidence so that you eat the world in any situation.

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