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Help others, show that you care about their lives, and you will receive in return exoskeletons better prepared to overcome obstacles; or more powerful weapons, or lighter ladders so you can equip many more in your backpack. And if you don’t, it’s okay because you can move forward without any problems. You have the essentials. It will simply be more laborious. And it won’t be for lack of obstacles. In addition to the orography of the scenery, which is one of the most incredible open worlds I’ve ever moved through, you must add dangers such as the Decline, that rain that accelerates the passage of time deteriorating equipment and cargo, forcing you to move faster with the risk of tripping or accidents; in addition to the MULAS and terrorist camps: people who are not in favor of building but on the contrary, seeking the destruction of civilization. To confront them you have some firearms, as well as others designed to immobilize or distract them, but surprisingly, coming from whom it comes from, stealth and action are not a big deal.


The praise that Hulu’s TV series (broadcast in our country by HBO) ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is receiving is incessant. And no wonder: this feminist parable in a terrifying (because of how familiar it feels) dystopia format does an extraordinary job adapting Margaret Atwood’s 1985 book faithfully and coherently with the television format.

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What is not as well known is that the book was already adapted into a 1990 film, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, of great ambition but very limited impact. The film, although faithful to the letter and the story, had no choice but to compress into an hour and a half a very complex narrative based primarily on the impressions of the protagonist. The result is estimable as a complement to the book, but lacks in essential aspects.

These women are the maids. One of these maids is our protagonist and through her experiences and memories we will discover this new world that has taken away the power of decision over their bodies to women, in a clear totalitarian symbolism on civil and sexual rights.

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The third edition of The Courageous Collaborator includes a new chapter, “The Courage to Talk to Senior Leaders.” Much of Chaleff’s model assumes that collaborators have access to leaders. However, today’s employees may receive questionable policies and orders from hierarchical layers several levels above them – and even on the other side of the world. Chaleff discusses options for effective response, particularly those that appeal to the power now available thanks to advances in communication technology.

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That night Joan Baez – the folk singer and political activist who by then had already gained fame in North America – was performing at the Greek Theater, located in another area of campus. I phoned the hotel where the celebrities were staying in Berkeley and left a message describing the situation. I also asked her to come to the scene of the confrontation in the hope that the presence of a prominent figure would serve to moderate tempers and prevent violence. Despite not knowing me, she responded and appeared shortly thereafter. As Joan Baez made her presence known, each faction held back until an agreement was reached and everyone dispersed peacefully. Thus I discovered the power of taking an initiative, even if one lacks the formal authority to do so.

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I loved this book, it helped me realize issues I had no idea about, it’s amazing to see the world through Melinda’s eyes, a woman with her position and socioeconomic status that reminds us that we can always help.

A bit of a slow start, but obligatory, given the author’s context, I would have liked a chapter on more technical aspects of data analysis and hierarchization of problems. A bit forgotten Latin America in any context. recommended, however, in view of presiding over a foundation and being that resources are apparently not a problem; this book should perhaps be free, with a link to make donations to one of the programs they manage and as a tool for schools.

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